Industry Specialties

Industry Specialties

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We believe our duty is to act for interests to mount in improving the industrial, environmental, social profile that will enhance long-term, risk-adjusted performance. Possessing the expert industry people in each area of service and technology we enhance –

  • Placement Strategy

    Vacancy allocation is the main driver of requirement outcomes from our clients. We manage vacancy allocation actively within a strategic and sustainable framework even when market conditions are highly uncertain.

    We diversify across profiles, recruitment managers and individual requirements. We expect diversification to increase the reliability of placements.

    We have integrated factors into our placement strategy with the aim of improving the long-term adjusted performance.

  • Meeting client objectives

    The profile of the consultants we choose will always be aligned with our clients’ lifestyle objectives. Our primary objective for many clients is to generate sustainable returns throughout the project.

  • Placement Management

    We are unbiased towards strategies that are expected to outperform. We use active management in those profiles where we believe value can be added, and where we have a high probability of selection.

  • Governance and Management

    Our governance is managed by our board, recruitment committee, internal acquisition team and external clients.

    We promote and impart corporate and sustainable practices from all recruitment partners, provided this does not compromise our ability to meet expected mass requirements in all circumstances.