Case Studies

Case Studies

Our firm works toward building successful relationships with your clients. This is some of our success cases that will give you a taste of how we may be able to address your company’s staffing needs to reach similar levels of success.

Recovery efforts

  • Client Background

    This Houston-based company is a search firm focused on the finance and accounting roles and a long-time client of Apexs Solutions. The company has traditionally worked with Apexs Solutions to fill accounting/finance positions ranging from financial analysts to higher positions.

  • Challenge

    When Apexs Solutions was first introduced to the client company, the client was facing a situation where employees felt overworked and burned out, which resulting in low job satisfaction and high turnover. The issues were particularly prevalent in the Accounts Payable department, where they were using a temporary agency to locate contract employees.

  • Approach

    With just 10 working days to fill the position, the Apexs Solutions team tapped into the company’s vast database of candidates. Our goal was to identify qualified and matching professionals as early as possible to ease the burden of current employees and to gain consistency in the hiring process.

  • Result

    The client was astonished with the quality of candidates Apexs Solutions presented and the effort put forth to procure top-notch talent that specifically fit within their corporate culture. They were supremely thankful that they were able to fill the positions in only one trip and have subsequently reported that the new hires are thriving in their roles.

Our Candidate Success story

In 2015, John came to Apexs Solutions as a candidate looking for a new role that could take his career to the next level. As part of his job search process, John posted his resume to a number of websites. Searching for candidates for a client’s analyst vacancy, our team spotted John’s suitability. “A member of Apexs Solutions team contacted me while I was actively looking for job opportunities and discussed the position they have which is best suited for me,” said John. “After that initial call, I dropped in with an appointment to register. They were very accommodating and I registered on the spot.”

John was impressed with the agency’s involvement in, and communication during, the entire process.

“The agency was very professional and kept in touch regularly, even after I was placed in the role,”

John started at the Texas-based company, which is well known technology driven company. When a vacancy arose in his department, which covers HR, administration and general accounts, he went straight to Apexs Solutions.

“As an agency, they already knew and understood our business and, in particular, my department,” said John. “Again their professionalism stood out. They remained involved at every step.”


After joining Apexs Solutions John has seen a rapid growth in his career and has begun to refer our Apexs Solutions details whenever there is any requirement in his company and also to the newbie in the marketplace.